Age (this article is priceless)
Age (this article is priceless)
There is no best age in life, only the best state of mind.

Confucian style



Ji Xianlin said: "everyone is equal in front of time."

time is in a hurry, life is like a dream, everyone is being pushed by time.

Dynasty and dusk, year after year, the increase of age is also inevitable.

about age, may you and I comprehend these three proverbs in time, live up to your time and live up to the rest of your life.

accept age and live calmly

Wang Guowei said: "the most difficult thing is to stay in the world. Zhu Yan chose the flowers in the mirror and the trees."

everyone wants to be young forever, but time ruthlessly urges people to grow old and never stays for anyone.

Heroes will turn white, beauties will grow old, and no matter how afraid they are to resist, it won't help.

instead of worrying about the passing of time, it is better to accept it calmly so that you can be gently waited for by time.

for example, Lin Qingxia.

from the pure girl in Qiongyao drama to the role of Oriental Invincible at the age of 38, her beauty is amazing.

it is precisely because she understands the ruthlessness of time that Lin Qingxia is more magnanimous, regards age as a number, and cherishes every minute of the moment.

Today, she also specially goes to Chiang Hsun's art class, sits down with friends and talks about books in her spare time, and insists on writing on weekdays, constantly enriching herself and improving herself.

on Weibo certification, she labeled herself "movie star and writer Lin Qingxia".

from the film back to the writer, she is not afraid to grow old, does not stop growing, and lives without age. This is the beginning of her life-long beauty.

heard a saying: "Age is not a problem, the problem is that there is no added value in age."

in fact, our fear of age is not that we look old, but that we are afraid of getting older, but that we still get nothing.

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Don't be suffering from age in the future, take your time, live a good life, and let yourself live well is the highest attitude towards life.

cherish age and live comfortably

there is a TV program that interviews people of different ages: "which age group is the best in a person's life?"

the pupils said, "Kindergarten is the best!" You don't have to do your homework, but you can play as much as you can. "

High school students said: "after graduating from high school, it is best to control life freely."

the woman said, "it is best when you are seventeen or eighteen years old, with unlimited youth, full of vitality, and no family burden."

the man said, "it is best after the age of 65. The children are all grown up and can enjoy their retirement."

No matter what age, happiness and worry are intertwined, life is like drinking water, cold and warm self-knowledge.

time is gone forever, we are carried by the torrent of time, the most important thing is to learn to cherish.

Age is the gift of time to everyone, one year old, one year old, one year old heart.

there is no best age in life, only the best state of mind.

from now on, cherish your age and cherish yourself

firewood, rice, oil and salt, insipid; recuperation, physical and mental health; three meals, four seasons, comfortable.

live up to yesterday's road, today's scene, do not worry about tomorrow, even if the years grow old, the heart will always be young.

forget your age and live freely

along the long road of life, more and more is age, less and less is courage.

too many people use "age" to limit themselves, do not dare to try new things, and gradually lose their enthusiasm for life.

I feel that when I reach a certain age, I can only bow to my fate and eat at the foot of the mountain of life and wait to die.

and some people, even with white hair, have never been limited by their age and lead a steaming life.

Huang Yongyu, a famous painter and poet, is called "the real version of Zhou Botong".

50 years old, get a driver's license and drive a sports car;

70 years old, studying and sketching abroad;

80 years old, become the cover model of fashion magazine;

93 years old, driving a red Ferrari and racing car.

Huang Yongyu, who is over 90, also likes to wear red clothes and berets, happily calling himself the "post-90s".

Life never starts too late. the really advanced age view is to forget the age and always have the enthusiasm of life.

Master Wumen Huikai once wrote: "there are flowers in spring and moon in autumn, cool breeze in summer and snow in winter."

as you grow older, you can't take away the brilliance and taste of life, and you can't dispel the enthusiasm and courage in your heart.

forget age, live an open-minded, free and easy life, every year is a golden age, every moment can be brilliant.