After looking at Li Xiaoran's 850 million mansion, I understand why 13 million people envy her life.
After looking at Li Xiaoran's 850 million mansion, I understand why 13 million people envy her life.
Although it is late, the happiness that belongs to Li Xiaoran has arrived.

now, the "sister" in the entertainment industry is really a general trend.

first Yin Tao turned red again, and then Wang Xinling helped everyone regain their youth. Not recently, Li Xiaoran became the center of the topic.

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Li Xiaoran's mansion is popular again.

Yes, it is again.

this is not the first time Li Xiaoran's home has been exposed, but which girl sees a house full of flowers and doesn't love once?

Li Xiaoran, like most girls, can't hide her love of flowers and plants.

so she simply moved the yearning garden into her yard.

in spring, the flowers in the yard bloom with each other, yellow presumptuously and red with pleasure.

all the fragrances are mixed together to create an intoxicating atmosphere.

in summer, the flowers in the yard are at their most beautiful.

even if you water these flowers and trees in the sun, you will feel full of achievement.

in autumn, the yellowing leaves fall sparsely, which is the farewell of the year, and also with the expectation of the coming year.

then he leaned lazily in the corner of the courtyard and the sun warmed himself.

Winter branches are inevitably somewhat desolate, but who says that loneliness in the snow is not a kind of beauty?

especially when there is a vast expanse of snow, there are a few little flowers, which I like very much.

the garden is small, but full of love.

when you get up in the morning, listen to the wind and smell the fragrance of tea; accompany with the moon and night, listen to a melodious song.

when it is sunny, look at the flowers and trees and make the bamboo green; when the rain falls, listen to the rain beating plantains, and the moss marks are green.

in addition to flowers and plants, Li Xiaoran also has a soft spot for small animals.

keeps a smart and beautiful parrot and fights with it when there is nothing to do.

A puppy is inseparable at her feet. When the weather is fine, she will take her dog to bask in the sun on the rocking chair.

there is only the sound of gurgling water by the ear, and the body is full of the warm smell of the sun.

"I want to have a small yard full of flowers."

the appearance of everyone's residence is the external embodiment of her inner world.

similarly, the appearance of a hostess is often the appearance of a home under her careful management.

Li Xiaoran does not belong to the gorgeous type, but he is very attractive.

from the $850 million mansion she has exposed, it can be seen at a glance that this is her house.

eating wine and tea, dreaming and reading, my heart is happy and free.

everywhere reveals that the years are quiet and stable in this world.

Li Xiaoran was born in a happy family in Beijing in 1976.

my father was a pilot and my mother was a doctor. In those days, the family conditions were extraordinary.

but God's blessing is not limited to this, but more in the president of Li Xiaoran.

A pair of smiling eyes, a warped nose and a small cherry mouth, Li Xiaoran, who is only two or three years old, can see that she is a beauty different from ordinary people.

with the passage of time, everyone is looking forward to the young girls of this family growing up, but Li Xiaoran seems to have come as a "surprise" to everyone.

other girls like dolls, but Li Xiaoran runs all over the street with the boys in the hutong every day, falling without shouting pain, getting up, patting the dirt, and then going crazy.

seeing that her daughter could not be allowed to develop like this, and that she had once dreamed of doing ballet, her mother sent her to the youth palace to learn dance.

the careless Li Xiaoran disagreed: "just learn, who is afraid of who?"

I didn't expect that I really learned something in this course.

with her solid basic skills and excellent physical conditions, she was admitted to the attached Middle School of Beijing Dance in the first place.

but this first place is a little different from the impression of "high achiever".

others study hard and practice hard after class, but she makes a lot of excuses for being lazy.

but her strength was so outstanding that after graduation, she successfully joined the Oriental Song and Dance Troupe.

in the eyes of others, it is too late to envy her smooth life, but Li Xiaoran does not think so.

because, since childhood, she has never really fallen in love with dance. I have persisted in studying for so many years, just to satisfy my mother's dream.

in 1996, after thinking about it, she quit the iron rice bowl job without telling her parents and took her savings to play around.

but the good times didn't last long. She spent so little money that she couldn't even pay the rent.

just when she was worried, a crew found her and gave her a small role as a servant girl.

Li Xiaoran, who was short of money, agreed without thinking.

Li Xiaoran, who does not know how to act, is often scolded by the director after he enters the crew. The more he scolds her, the less confident she becomes. But in order not to delay progress, he wipes away tears on this side and turns on the phone there.

the road was chosen by yourself, so there is no regret.

in this way, she opened up a whole new way from the top card in the song and dance troupe to the supporting roles in various troupes.

the road is difficult, but Li Xiaoran won't admit defeat.

regardless of the size of the role, regardless of the type of role, as long as there is a play, sheAnswer it.

one day, Chen Kun, who had worked together in the song and dance troupe for some time, called her and said that there was a role that suited her very well.

at that time, Zhao Baogang was casting for "like Fog, like Rain and like Wind," in which there was the role of a haughty dancer who had to bow to the world. Chen Kun thought of Li Xiaoran as the first person.

in this way, the director met with Li Xiaoran and immediately decided to let her act.

because of this role, Li Xiaoran got rid of the fate of small roles and became famous.

, more and more people are looking for her to act, and her acting skills are recognized by more and more directors.

in a sad play, she can exaggerate that sense of fragility to the extreme;

acting in espionage plays, she becomes a hardened heroine;

in "Cold against the current", she dares to hate and love her tears.

in Harbin at Night, she is the brave and wise Lu Qiuying;

the Phoenix wears the Peony, she is full of tribulations all her life.

too late to say I Love you, she wrote the love song of life and death in love and hate, Yin Jingyi;

whether it is a civilian who cannot escape the fate of grief, or a daughter of noble birth, she feels that this role should be like that played by Li Xiaoran.

Li Xiaoran's acting path has never been limited.

each character is a fusion of gentleness and stubbornness, seemingly contradictory, but very much like "we".

so Li Xiaoran, who became an actress, didn't win the bet, but she forced herself not to lose.

some people say that all the hardships that Li Xiaoran did not experience when he was young were paid off after entering the show business.

this is true, not only because she hit a brick wall at first, but also because she worked hard to grow up in a harsh environment.

also has to mention the emotional history that almost dragged her into the abyss.

in 2005, when filming "Paris Fairy Tales", producer Sun Donghai fell in love with the cold and beautiful Li Xiaoran at first sight.

this made him, who is rich but has a family, lost his head and directly abandoned his wife who accompanied him to start a business to show his sincerity.

unable to bear Sun Donghai's considerate care, Li Xiaoran identified the man in front of him.

at that time, Li Xiaoran must have had no idea that he was almost destroyed by this man.

after only a few months together, Sun Donghai showed his almost morbid desire for control.

she is not allowed to make kissing scenes, she must report when she goes out, and he has to check all phone calls and text messages. Even so, he is still paranoid, grumpy, and even starts to hit her.

as long as the surrounding staff and friends who have come into contact with Li Xiaoran will receive threats from Sun Donghai.

Li Xiaoran really couldn't stand it any longer, so he broke up with him, which directly infuriated the "devil".

he held scissors in Li Xiaoran's face and threatened her to break up and ruin her face.

she was very scared, but reason told her that it was not the way to go on like this. Under the intervention of the outside world, the two finally broke up.

but Sun Donghai did not decide to let her go. While saying cruel words to throw sulfuric acid at her, he turned to fall in love with others.

in 2008, Li Xiaoran and director Kui fell in love with each other for filming.

with a series of terrorist operations by her ex-boyfriend, Li Xiaoran obviously has a shadow. She often does not have sense of security, fearing that their relationship will be known by Sun Donghai.

but two years of calm seems to have slowly healed her wounds.

just before she thought the past was over, once Li Xiaoran, who was on the show, received a phone call and said a cruel word on the other end of the phone:

"break up with that kid at once, or you'll suffer the consequences!"

in 2010, Yi Po was suddenly chased and cut down by four thugs in the street. He was seriously injured and was taken to hospital.

for a while, the relationship between Li Xiaoran, current boyfriend and ex-boyfriend dominated the headlines.

the voice of public opinion is also getting louder and louder, and finally the suspect comes forward to turn himself in. they are Sun Donghai's friends.

this made Li Xiaoran, who was already pregnant at that time, had no choice but to abort the baby.

later, she put off most of her work and focused on taking care of Jiapo.

in 2013, Li Xiaoran became pregnant again, and in the face of questions from the media, she generously admitted that a good thing was near.

but not long after, Li Xiaoran announced that the two had broken up peacefully and that their child had had a miscarriage.

two failed relationships almost occupied the best decade of her life.