A wise man lifts a man, but a fool lifts.
A wise man lifts a man, but a fool lifts.
When people get along with others, they must learn to appreciate others in order to make themselves excellent.

Gibran said: "the meaning of life lies in the connection between people."

in life, it is impossible for everyone to live as an isolated island, and they all need support and help from the outside world.

Smart people know how to lift people up and achieve each other, and the road is getting wider and wider; stupid people will only pick up and hurt each other, and it will be difficult for them to move forward.

Wise men lift people up and achieve each other

"Orchid Gymnastics" says: "Cooperation such as orchid, carry forward its fragrance; pick it and admire it, win-win all sides."

people are all mutual, you build bridges, others pave the way for you; you embarrass people, others add to your traffic jam.

just like sa Bing hosting a program on the stage, he knows how to worry about the emotions of the guests and the audience, and makes the atmosphere relaxed and happy. No matter which program he hosts, it is very popular with the audience.

he is not only talented and intelligent, but also good at flexibility and modest speech.

on one occasion, Zhang Xinzhe was invited to participate in the "Let's speak" program and was asked by the audience: "if you are said to be an 'out-of-date' singer on the Internet, will you freak out?"

Zhang Xinzhe was a little embarrassed. Sa Bing stood up for him:

"everyone knows that Jordan is a god in the hearts of fans, but it is not scientific for Jordan to compete for the NBA championship with a young man in his twenties.

'out of date' is only a state of time, it does not mean that a singer will be forgotten, but will always be remembered by fans. "

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there was warm applause on the court, and Zhang Xinzhe was moved to tears. Sa Beining's words not only understood Zhang Xinzhe's words, but also liven up the atmosphere of the scene.

on another occasion, Qian Yi, a female academician from Tsinghua University, complained on stage about a girl in the program "if you are the one".

the girl's courtship condition is "as long as she is not a teacher", which is a great stimulus to Academician Qian.

sa Bing saved the game funnily:

"this girl is a person who feels that she is not qualified to be a teacher." the remark amused Academician Qian.

Huang Chih-Chung once said: "nine times out of ten, the troubles of life come from interpersonal relationships."

people pay attention to "comfort" when getting along with others.

you lift people up and make people happy, and others also support and love you. This state of mind of mutual tolerance and mutual appreciation can remove the estrangement and bring the relationship into a virtuous circle.

fools argue against each other and lose each other

writer Li Xiaomo said: "always surpassing others in words is the lowest EQ behavior I have ever seen."

there are always people who love to argue in life, never speak according to normal logic, like to be competitive, and make a quick speech for a moment.

in Wang Meng's novel eloquence, there is such a special patient.

he went to see a doctor, and the doctor asked him to take a seat. He said, "are you going to deprive me of my right not to sit?"

when the doctor poured him water to drink, he questioned, "not all water can be drunk. If this water is mixed with potassium cyanide, you can never drink it!"

the doctor explained to him, "the water is clean and non-toxic!"

the patient retorted: "did I frame you for poisoning?"

the doctor sighed and changed the subject and said, "it's a nice day today."

the patient continued to lift the bar: "the weather here is good, but it does not mean that the weather is good all over the world. It is still snowing in the North Pole and it is freezing cold."

the patient always refuted and confronted the doctor's words, and the doctor had no way to communicate with him normally, so he had no choice but to say to him, "I can't cure your illness, so go back!"

in order to win or lose with the doctor, the patient even forgot the original intention of going to the hospital, and finally missed the treatment.

the doctor's theory with this kind of "lever essence" is like when a scholar meets a soldier, it is unreasonable, which not only delays his work but also affects his mood.

A person who likes to flatter, no matter what angle and method you use to reason with him, he has a set of "robber" logic to deal with you.

he is not trying to solve problems, nor does he analyze right or wrong. He only likes to be eloquent and suppress others to get pleasure. "winning" is the result he wants.

Franklin once said:

"argument and rebuttal may bring you a temporary victory, but you cannot gain the favor and respect of the other person through superficial victory."

often compete with others, do not argue with fools, argue with fools and lose each other, the more they argue, the more they enter the endless cycle, which is both energy-consuming and time-consuming.

Wise men build bridges, fools build walls

the writer Sponge once said: "if the weak tear each other and deviate from virtue, they will eventually harm themselves; the strong will help each other and sympathize with each other, and they will eventually help themselves."

No one's success depends on fighting alone, it is difficult for fierce generals to beat the wolves, and three cobblers can stand up to Zhuge Liang. Win-win cooperation is the eternal truth.

three films directed by Ning Hao, Guo Fan and Han Han were released as Chinese New year blockbusters at the same time during the Spring Festival in 2019. The audience received rave reviews and ranked in the top four on the list.

the three directors competed on the court, but they blessed and encouraged each other off the court, and promoted their competitors' films in their respective moments.

what is more rare is that when Guo Fan was filming "wandering the Earth", the film temporarily withdrew its investment, which led to a broken chain of funds and forced the crew to shut down.

Ning Hao lend a helping hand and send all the resources available to his crew to Guo Fan to meet his urgent needs.

just like the two generals Pang Juan and Sun Bin in the warring States period, they learned from Gui Guzi, learned the art of war and were brothers.

later, Pang Juan became an official in the State of Wei. Before leaving, he made an agreement with Sun Bin to work with Sun Bin when he settled down in his official position.

when Pang JuanAfter becoming a military adviser in the State of Wei, Sun Bin did not keep his promise, but Sun Bin was recommended to the King of Wei to become a military adviser.

Pang Juan found that Sun Bin's talent was better than his own, lest his position be unstable, and set Sun Bin up, causing him to lose his legs.

fortunately, Sun Bin was rescued and fled back to the State of Qi, which was highly valued by the king of Qi.

during the war between Qi and Wei, Pang Juan broke into Sun Xianbu's game and could not break through, so he drew his sword and cut his own throat.

Life is a kind of reincarnation, you frame others and bury yourself; you are kind to others, although the good fortune has not come, the evil is far away.

Wise men know how to help others in times of hardship and win resources for themselves.

fools can only build walls and fall into narrow inner rolls, and when they are in danger, others will throw stones into the well.

really smart people, to lift others is to lift themselves up

Carnegie once said: "15% of a person's success depends on his own efforts and 85% on good interpersonal relationships."

the reason why Huang Bo is popular with others is not only his excellent acting skills, but also his EQ and personality. He can make people comfortable no matter what kind of occasion he is.

once Yan Ni teased Huang Bo: "I used to act with handsome guys, but this time I'm going to join the ranks of ugly stars with you."

Huang Bo smiled and replied, "then I will enter the ranks of handsome guys."

Huang Bo cleverly resolved the embarrassment: "because the Golden Horse Award is my home!"

when people get along with others, they must learn to appreciate others in order to make themselves excellent.

the crabs that step on each other cannot climb out of the small bamboo basket even if they have eight feet; the tortoises and rabbits who race will lend strength to each other, even if the mountains and rivers are long enough to overcome the obstacles and reach the other shore.

Nan Huaijin said: "whether a person can accomplish things or not and how many great things he can accomplish depends to a large extent on the height of his cognition."

A thread is easy to break, ten thousand strands of rope can pull a boat, and the time and the earth are not as good as the harmony of people.

Wise men will lift others, save face for others, and make room for themselves, while fools will only lift up, win words, and ruin their prospects.

if a person's pattern is different, his fate will be completely different. Only a really smart person who knows how to elevate others can win the hearts of the people.