A person with a "bad mind" has three characteristics, so break up with him as soon as possible!
A person with a "bad mind" has three characteristics, so break up with him as soon as possible!
Life is precious, so be careful in making friends.

never too old to learn, there is always something to learn in the aspect of being a man.

Life is like a confession, constantly recording yourself, correcting yourself, and finally achieving yourself.

although this is a long journey, it is worth everyone to practice.

in this world, there are many kinds of people, including sincerity, hypocrisy and ingratitude, but fortunately we still have a good heart.

people should be like a bright lamp, always show others the way, but also do not forget, do not have the heart to harm others, the heart to guard against others must not be absent.

A person with a bad mind has three characteristics. Break up with him as soon as possible.

very resourceful and opportunistic

often want to profit from others

there are two kinds of things in the world that are difficult to look directly at, one is the sun, the other is the human heart.

Human nature cannot stand the test, so it is necessary to set up a mansion in your heart.

it is not a bad thing for people to have ideas, but some people always like to use them in bad places, speculate and sow discord.

want to use their own cleverness to profit from others, this kind of self-interest at the expense of others, is precisely the performance of "bad intentions."

show off and like to uncover people's shortcomings

publicize other people's scandals

people have a foothold in society, they should leave leeway in everything, and don't do things absolutely.

I just want to know a lot of things in my heart. I have to forgive others. There is no need to cling to other people's scandals, which is not good for anyone.

people with bad intentions will always elevate themselves and belittle others.

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always likes to publicize the scandals of others in public. I wish the whole world knew that he was better than others.

do not know that 30 years east, 30 years west, those who are laughed at by you, one day will make you regret it too late.

so people who base their happiness on the sufferings of others don't deserve to be friends at all.

A two-faced person with a superficial set of

do a trick behind your back and pretend to be false

there is a kind of person who flatters on the surface and says all kinds of good things about you, but secretly curses you mercilessly when he encounters interests.

look as upright as a gentleman, but few people know their hypocritical side. We call them two-sided people.

this kind of people are different, mercenary, and those who like to play dirty tricks are not worthy of deep acquaintance.

it is normal that all people have shortcomings.

but there are some things we have to look at rationally. Those who like to laugh in front of people and stab in the back will become your enemies sooner or later.

so in the face of this kind of person, you'd better break up as soon as possible.

Life is precious, so be careful in making friends.

We should be vigilant in the face of strangers or acquaintances. After all, friends are a lifetime thing.

if you make friends with people with "bad intentions", something will happen sooner or later, especially those who encounter the above three characteristics, you should begin to pay attention to them.

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