A messy family can't raise a self-disciplined child.
A messy family can't raise a self-disciplined child.
The environment of a home affects the learning status and quality of life of children all the time.

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A messy room

is ruining the child's concentration

backstage, parents often complain:

my child is 5 years old, mischievous, impulsive and emotionally unstable from an early age, and often conflicts with his classmates in kindergarten.

as soon as my child is in primary school, he looks around as soon as he does his homework, picking the rubber, going to the toilet, and can't even sit still for 10 minutes.

and these behaviors are the main manifestations of children's poor concentration.

my advice to these parents is that they can first check to see if there is anything wrong with their children's living environment.

in the Super Parental Master, a mother angrily complained to the parenting teacher Lan Hai:

my son is 4 years old, grumpy, impolite, and jumping up and down at home, which is too difficult to control.

so Lan Hai decided to go to Chuanlian home for observation.

before she arrived at home, she saw confetti and cigarette butts thrown at random in the stairwell;

Open the door, and on the left is the smoky kitchen.

the living room is full of scattered jigsaw puzzles, casually stacked cartons, waste paper and empty boxes all over the floor.

living in such a messy and disorderly room, no wonder the children have poor self-control and lack of concentration.

therefore, in the later plan to transform the string, the first point put forward by teacher Lan Hai is to transform the family environment.

A child's concentration is often related to the development of the brain. In the brain, the frontal lobe, which is mainly responsible for rational and self-regulation, does not fully develop until the age of 25, which leads to a relatively weak ability of self-control.

as a result, children are particularly likely to be attracted to clutter, resulting in distraction and emotional instability.

and a neat and organized environment will give a sense of comfort to the child's brain and help him concentrate and concentrate on thinking.

A teacher in Hengshui Middle School once photographed a shocking scene in a student's home.

in this family, the eldest and the second are twins, and the third and fourth are twins. The four children sit side by side at their desks and study hard, turning a deaf ear to everything from the outside world.

there is a wall full of awards on the wall in front of them. it is worth noting that each child's desk is clean and tidy, the books are neatly arranged, and there is no clutter.

for children before the age of 12, what really widens the gap is not achievement, but concentration.

and whether a child can achieve concentration and strong self-control is a sign of the environment at home.

only when parents create a neat and orderly environment, their children are not easily disturbed by the outside world and can study and live attentively and attentively.

A messy room

is undermining the child's self-discipline

I saw a primary school teacher tell such a story on the Internet:

A boy in the class always loses things every day, often forgets his textbooks and homework, and often dozes off in class.

the teacher decided to visit the child's home.

the coffee table is filled with leftover takeout boxes, and you can even see vegetable soup dripping along the edge of the table to the ground, which is covered with garbage and dust, and the sofa is covered with dirty clothes.

the child's study was transformed into a utility room, surrounded by express boxes, desks in a mess, and scattered magazines and cartoons all over the floor.

No place is tidy as far as I can see.

the teacher could not help sighing that she felt suffocated in such a place for even 10 minutes, how could she possibly be suitable for an 8-year-old child to study and live?

A messy environment will make children lack of organization, muddle up every day, and give up halfway.

Don't do your homework carefully, be perfunctory every day, or even don't do it at all;

doing things in disorder, doing this and that, it's hard to stick to it.

Life does not have its own rhythm, messy schedule, often stay up late.

in the long run, only a little overdraft of the child's inner sense of order will not only destroy the formation of the child's self-discipline, but also difficult to establish good study habits.

on the contrary, those children who are well-organized and neat at home tend to do things in an orderly manner and are more likely to be self-disciplined in their studies.

A neat room

Children are more promising in the future

Harvard Business School once did a study and found that

"successful people with a strong sense of happiness tend to live in a very clean and tidy home, while unfortunate people usually live in a messy and dirty environment."

former gymnastics world champion Liu Xuan had a stable training schedule and a well-organized life.

after retiring, she also implemented this concept in her family and education.

Open the refrigerator at home and put all kinds of fruits and vegetables neatly in the grid.

her home is cluttered and uncluttered, and the functions of each area are clearly divided. She also sets up a special play area for her son and is equipped with neat toy storage boxes.

the house must be kept tidy. If her son throws away his toys all over the floor, she reminds him to pack up quickly.

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under Liu Xuan's careful cultivation, her 5-year-old son valiant is not only smart and cute, but also has a strong sense of independence.

your room hides what your child's future looks like.

A photographer in Fukuoka, JapanTomoji Mori likes to record the daily life of his family with his camera.

A couple, two children and three dogs have been trivial, ordinary and vivid for 13 years.

most of the scenes are his simple and exquisite home:

although the house is rented, it can be seen from the photos that the furnishings of the house are very elegant and tidy, and the owner's intentions can be revealed everywhere.

and the room is always spotless, from the floor, the dining table, to the carpet.

living in such a room, it is no wonder that the face of the family is always covered with a healing and warm smile.

and the two children grow up lively and lovely in such a positive family environment.

A child's family environment can also see his living habits, personality characteristics, and values.

Children who grow up in a disorganized environment tend to be grumpy, negative, and perfunctory.

living in a clean and tidy room, children are not only sunnier, calmer, but also more diligent and active.

any good child is not a miracle born out of thin air, but a cause and effect that can be followed.

being a parent and creating a clean and tidy environment for your child can give your child a steady stream of motivation and energy to thrive.

there is a good saying: "when the family is safe, good fortune comes."

the environment of a home affects children's learning status and quality of life all the time.

Let's start from the inside, provide children with a clean family environment with clean objects, clean life and clean spirit, and make the warm home the most suitable environment for children to grow up.